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When it pertains to investing in cryptocurrency, I look at the following main characteristics:

  1. What benefit does it bring to the table?
  2. Is the cryptocurrency stable?
    Example: Are there hundreds, if not thousands of masternodes online?
  3. Are you able to interact with the developers?
    Example: Are you able to chat with them on Discord?
  4. How is their website’s graphical user interface (GUI)? Does it have great aesthetics?
  5. Has the leadership stuck to previous timelines in completing projects / tasks to help push the cryptocurrency forward?
  6. What future marketing efforts and cryptocurrency penetration efforts are planned for the currency in question?
  7. Are there masses of the coin / token available?
    Explanation: The more coins or tokens there are available by a cryptocurrency, the harder it is to get any type of upside momentum.
    Most of the cryptocurrencies I own have a max market supply of under 21 million, with the exception of Ethereum.

The previous questions are what I ask myself (simply speaking) since I have gotten burned in the cryptocurrency arena.
Issues I faced were from false promises, failures in leadership, lack of a secure infrastructure and much more.
Hopefully the previous questions are something that can assist you before investing.

Also, make sure you don’t overextend yourself. Find a few cryptocurrencies that you like, follow them and make sure that projects are followed through on time.

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