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Attacks: No attacks or potential attacks have been made public. (April, 2019)

Algorithm: Changed algorithm from utilizing ERC-20 and had a swap to the Cryptonight framework. (March, 2019)

Marketplace Redundancy: Listed on only one exchange, seen as a high risk to the cryptocurrency. (April, 2019)


Communication: Spoke with their lead developer, Cryptotron, via Discord (March, 2019). At this time, I feel that they are slow to act on current projects and are lethargic in their developments when compared to other cryptocurrencies. (April, 2019)

Community: There is a small-sized development community, where development is found to be stagnant. (April, 2019)

Deadline Completion

Timeline: No official roadmaps can be found. (April, 2019)


Communication: No one in marketing is currently working on this project. (May, 2019)

Social Media: Social media is not continuously updated. (April, 2019)

Website: Website is built off WordPress and could have a sleeker appeal. (April, 2019)


Methodology: Airdrops are being utilized which isn’t sufficient enough to harness a growing customer base. (April, 2019)

Graphical User Interface

Explorer: BoldPrivate Network Explorer has been customized to have a sleek appeal, functionality is nominal. (April, 2019)

Wallet: The official BOLD Wallet works excellent, functionality is nominal. (March, 2019)

Market Supply

Premine: N/A

Current Market Supply: 4,407,762 BOLD

Maximum Market Supply: 7,777,777 BOLD

Additional Note #1: There is talk of ANOTHER swap later this year where there will be a 5 billion maximum supply. (April, 2019)

Additional Note #2: I would highly advise to stay away from this cryptocurrency until they figure out their purpose, which I feel will continuously be changing for years to come. (April, 2019)

Additional Note #3: I have heard that the new framework BOLD will be releasing is based on Phore. (April, 2019)

Bottom Line: Sell

Base Framework: Lyra

Price on Publication: 0.00000112 BTC / $0.004 USD
(May, 2019)

Algorithm: Cryptonight

Disclaimer: Each cryptocurrency is reviewed on the first of each month. No published reassessment will be made if the reviewed trajectory remains the same.

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