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Attacks: No attacks or potential attacks have been made public. (May, 2019)

Algorithm: Dash’s X11 algorithm has been time tested and is stable. (June, 2019)

Marketplace Redundancy: Listed on multiple major exchanges, including HitBTC. (May, 2019)


Communication: Spoke with Chief Technology Officer, Bob Carroll, via LinkedIn. I have found that multiple developers for the Dash project have other developments (or jobs) they are currently working on. However, projects still do get completed, but might have delays. (January, 2019)

Community: The community a large-sized development community, who release a continuous flow of new and sometimes innovative products. (May, 2019)

Deadline Completion

Timeline: Has met or exceeded deadlines. Company is on track to meet their current roadmap. (May, 2019)


Communication: No communication has been made. (May, 2019)

Social Media: Social media is continuously updated. (June, 2019)

Website: Their website is completely custom and has a sleek appeal. (April, 2019)


Methodology: Primary adoption is being generated by consumers along with merchant services. There are additional merchants accepting Dash daily which is helping accelerate Dash’s adoption rate and growth. (May, 2019)

Graphical User Interface

Explorer: Dash Explorer has been customized to have a sleek appeal, functionality is nominal. (April, 2019)

Wallet: The official Dash wallet works excellent, functionality is nominal. (May, 2019)

Market Supply

Premine: None

Current Market Supply: 8,823,052 DASH

Maximum Market Supply: 18,900,000 DASH

Additional Note #1: N/A

Bottom Line: Buy

Base Framework: Dash

Price on Publication: 0.01924807 BTC / $160.67 USD
(June, 2019)

Algorithm: X11

Disclaimer: Each cryptocurrency is reviewed on the first of each month. No published reassessment will be made if the reviewed trajectory remains the same.

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