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Attacks: No attacks or potential attacks have been made public. (June, 2019)

Algorithm: Utilizing the CryptoNight algorithm and has been time tested and is stable. (June, 2019)

Marketplace Redundancy: Listed on only one exchange, seen as a high risk to the cryptocurrency. (June, 2019)


Communication: Spoke with their lead developer, Albert, via Discord. I have found that multiple developers for the MoX project have other developments (or jobs) they are currently working on. However, projects still do get completed, but might have delays. (June, 2019)

Community: There is a small-sized development community, who release a limited / slow flow of new and sometimes innovative products. (June, 2019)

Deadline Completion

Timeline: Has met or exceeded deadlines. Company is on track to meet their current roadmap. (June, 2019)


Communication: No one in marketing is currently working on this project. (June, 2019)

Social Media: Social media is not continuously updated. (June, 2019)

Website: Their website is completely custom. However, it is basic. (June, 2019)


Methodology: No current adoption methods are being utilized. (June, 2019)

Graphical User Interface

Explorer: Onion MoX Explorer has been customized and functionality is nominal. However, the graphical user interface (GUI) is very dated. (June, 2019)

Wallet: The official MoX Wallet works excellent, functionality is nominal. However, some remnants of Monero are blatantly obvious. (June, 2019)

Market Supply

Premine: N/A

Current Market Supply: 4,721,046 MOX

Maximum Market Supply: 18,400,000 MOX

Additional Note #1: This cryptocurrency is in its infancy and could be considered to be of a moderate risk. I would advise investing carefully. (June, 2019)

Additional Note #2: I would be careful investing in this cryptocurrency until the 51% attack risk has been mitigated. They are expecting a roll out by the end of this year. (June, 2019)

Additional Note #3: Attempting to communicate with anyone in development is extremely hard to do on this project. (June, 2019)

Bottom Line: Hold

Base Framework: Monero

Price on Publication: 0.00000089 BTC / $0.01 USD
(July, 2019)

Algorithm: CryptoNight

Disclaimer: Each cryptocurrency is reviewed on the first of each month. No published reassessment will be made if the reviewed trajectory remains the same.

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